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Bluffview Elementary School Staff

Lori Brown

Kindergarten - KA

Shannon Eaton

Kindergarten - KB

Traci Jones

Kindergarten - KC

Robin Nadziejko

Kindergarten - KD

Chelsea Kremmel

1st Grade - 1A

Charlene Howell

1st Grade - 1B

Lindsey Wood

1st Grade - 1C

Nicole Hanks

1st Grade - 1D

Megan Weston

2nd Grade - 2A

Katelyn Machuga

2nd Grade - 2B

Katie Ray

2nd Grade - 2C

Richelle Metz

2nd Grade - 2D

Lea Thebeau

3rd Grade - 3A

Jennifer Anderson

3rd Grade - 3B

Michael Hopkins

3rd Grade - 3C

Alexis Royer

3rd Grade - 3D

Sarah Majzel

4th Grade - 4A

Tanya Buechel

4th Grade - 4B

JoAnn Hotto

4th Grade - 4C

Sue Cauwels

4th Grade - 4D

Andrea Schaefer

5th Grade - 5A

Kathy Danks

5th Grade - 5B

Alaina Scherle

5th Grade - 5C

Kerry Maguire

5th Grade - 5D

Anna Beckmann

6th Grade - 6A

Chrisi Klemme

6th Grade - 6B

Scott Hamm

6th Grade - 6C

Casey Brumit

6th Grade - 6D

Jessie Duke

Director of Early Childhood

Sarah Davis


Jessica Hodge


Kristine Williams

Special Education

Heather Qualls

Special Education

Kathy Daab

Special Education

Jennifer Donald

Special Education

Cary Church

Special Education

Kim Kitowski



Classroom Aide

Kim Bacott

Classroom Aide

Victoria Simshauser

Classroom Aide

Jodi Stephens

Classroom Aide

Lisa Nadler

Classroom Aide

Tonya Gischer

Classroom Aide

Kelly Morris

Classroom Aide

Abby Click

Classroom Aide

Amanda Mehrmann

Classroom Aide

Debi Agee

Playground AIde

Laurie Hook

Playground Aide

Olivia Vaughn


Bridget Giovanetti


Mandy Evers

Physical Education

Troy Aldridge

Physical Education

Mike Treece

Library Media Specilaist

Linda Phillips

Library Aide

Rachel Katka

Speech Language Pathologist

Jenna Bivens

Speech Language Pathologist

Allison Benware

School Psychologist

Alina Carner

School Nurse

Cyndi Witt

School Social Worker

Michelle Votrain

School Counselor


School Resource Officer

Ange Garrett

Reading Specialist

Andria Hasty

Literacy Interventionist

Chrissy Strack

Literacy Interventionist

Beth Lenz

Math Coach

Camille Alexander

Math Interventionist

Abby Diesel

Permanant Sub

Cindy Parnell

Cafeteria Monitor

Tina Esmon

Food Service Supervisor

Beth Chism

Food Service

Dee Doerr

Food Service

Lori Jackson

Food Service



Sarah Stoner


Hannah Duck


Debbie Bohnenstiehl